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Based in Barcelona and in Dubrovnik, we assist captains and senior crews by providing them with our technical services, performing on-board inspections and preparing complete refit lists when required.

«We cannot predict the amount of Contract Variation Orders you will get during the refit due to new requests, but we can help you understand the costs of ancillary services to give a realistic initial budget to the Owner and avoid asking for extra budget at a later stage.»

Why Yachtech Army?

  • Experience

  • Leveraging over two decades of experience in the yacht refitting sector, YachtTech Army excels in delivering superior service, blending our on-board yachting and shipyard refit expertise.
    Our proven track record includes crafting and executing over 4,000 technical refit specifications, ensuring your yacht refit projects meet the highest standards of quality and personal care

  • We are neither managers nor surveyors

  • As marine engineering experts, YachtTech Army stands out by offering specialized technical solutions and refit specifications tailored to your unique needs, without the burden of management fees or monthly expenses.
    Our transparent pricing model is based on the complexity of your project's wish list, ensuring cost-effective project management for your yacht refit endeavours.

  • On Budget

  • The challenge of exceeding budgets due to inadequate refit specifications is all too common. YachtTech Army addresses this by incorporating all ancillary services into initial estimates, aiming for a 10-15% reduction in unexpected costs.
    Our comprehensive Risk Assessment process ensures a realistic budget is presented from the start, safeguarding against additional financial requests to the yacht owner.

  • Complex refit projects

  • Handling complex yacht refit projects demands expertise across various disciplines, from naval architecture to specialized disassembly. YachtTech Army offers guidance on a wide array of tasks, including stern extensions, interior makeovers, and stabilizers installation, backed by a large history of successful projects and hands-on experience in technical solutions for yacht refurbishment.

  • Budget comparison

  • Navigating through quotes from multiple shipyards for yacht refit projects can be daunting and misleading.
    YachtTech Army simplifies this process by conducting thorough budget comparisons, ensuring you make informed decisions based on comprehensive evaluations of estimates from contractors and shipyards, streamlining the selection process for your next yacht refit venture.

  • Digital knowledge

  • Since 2012, YachtTech Army has been working in digital innovation in the yachting industry, focusing on the digitization of processes for numerous companies. Our Yacht Work List software significantly enhances the RFQ process for refit specifications, providing an easily shareable format with shipyards and contractors. It emphasises our commitment of modernizing project management solutions in yacht refitting, ensuring efficiency and clarity in organizing and presenting information.

Your Technical Partners

Wish lists are not enough anymore due to the Superyachts are growing in size and complexity.

Our experience of the Yachting industry, on board vessels and in refit shipyards makes us knowledgeable of the technical requirements for understanding and budgeting projects.

If you do not wish to hire a management company or project manager to carry out your refit projects, we can help you prepare the refit and refurbishment specs at a reduced cost while maintaining technical quality.

your Superyacht Refit


Technical content


Managed vs Unmanaged

According to unofficial sources, it is estimated that 24% of superyachts have contracted the services of management companies.

If you are part of that remaining 76%, please do not hesitate to contact us to help you prepare valuable technical content for your next yacht refit.

We relieve you of the workload of preparing the work list, while you can dedicate yourself to the relevant tasks on board.

Stay on budget

Having a report on the condition of the yacht before a refit, after a busy charter season or before a sale and purchase transaction can help to avoid problems at a later stage.

Preparing a yacht refit project in detail involves a great deal of work and planning, which also requires specific knowledge in many areas and aspects of refit.

A complete paint job seems easy to budget for, but many ancillary services must be taken into account, not only financially, but also time-wise.

Work List



How do we Work?

“Trust, respect and communication with the client are our principles and our driving force.“


Sign a NDA to initiate communication


Share your wish list and relevant information with our team.


We give you a fixed price to prepare the technical specifications.


Provide us with the relevant drawings and photos of the works and we will analyze if a survey visit is necessary. If a survey visit is necessary, we can travel to your site (travel expenses + 10 handling fee).


Preparation and delivery of technical specifications for review, prepared using the Yacht Work List Software. Once validated, the specifications are ready to be sent to your preferred shipyards or, if you prefer, we can contact them on your behalf.


Optionally, we can analyze the scope of quotations received, including notes, exclusions and delivery time of the works. This analysis includes the budget comparison and risk assesment.

Our expert team
is ready to work for you

Dani Puig



During my time at trade school in mechanics, the mechanical technology professor sparked my interest in the world of Shipping and at that moment I knew what I wanted to dedicate my professional life to. The time I spent on board merchant ships helped me to structure all the knowledge I had previously acquired in mechanics, technology, engineering, workshop work, technical drawings, or electrical diagrams.

The subsequent time spent in one of the world’s leading refit shipyard, as Technical and Quotations Director, helped me to understand the technical requirements for planning, budgeting and carrying out superyacht refit projects. At the age of 10 I started computer programming classes and this captivated me in such a way, that in 2016 I decided to start a new adventure in the world of computer science and start-ups.

Almost more than 40 years practicing competitive sports (judo, taekwondo, soccer, football, mountain running, enduro and trial, UltraCycling or skiing) have made me very focused and resilient at work. Currently I am still passionate about the combination of my three worlds, yachting, sports and computer science.

Miquel Antonio

Technical Advisor | Naval Architect


As a Naval engineer, my professional journey has revolved around Yacht Management and the Technical side of the Boatbuilding industry. While learning from different projects and people, I focused my knowledge on the Yachting Industry, from Brokerage processes to the most deeply technical Inspections and refits, and alongside, I’ve cultivated my own business as a Yacht Surveyor.

Through the years, I’ve confronted intricate technical challenges within the yachting industry, triumphing with and thanks to the team and the professional cooperation. Beyond my maritime expertise, I’m an avid sky runner, with a youthful stint as a basketball coach, where I honed invaluable team management skills. These diverse experiences have uniquely shaped my approach to professional endeavors.

Yet, amid these pursuits, my heart truly lies with my family and my two cherished children. They are the core of my life, providing inspiration and purpose to all that I do.

Darko Paluncic



With over 28 years of extensive experience in marine engineering, Darko Paluncic has enjoyed a distinguished career, primarily on board prestigious cruise ships, including roles as Chief Engineer (C/E) for Carnival UK’s fleet – most notably on Azura, Ventura and Queen Victoria. His tenure on the luxury yacht MY Mayan Queen IV since 2013 has further cemented his reputation in the industry. Darko is deeply committed to maritime safety and environmental protection, exemplified by his work in International Maritime Policy Compliance and his dedication as an MCA Officer Cadet Trainer.

In a significant step towards professional development and recognition, Darko recently gained membership of The International Association of Marine Consultants & Surveyors, underlining his commitment to the highest standards of maritime excellence and integrity.

Darko’s passion for marine engineering is matched by his enthusiasm for the great outdoors. An avid scuba diver, he finds solace and excitement beneath the waves, exploring the silent world while respecting its biodiversity and promoting the conservation of underwater habitats. His adventurous spirit doesn’t stop at sea; on land he is equally passionate about enduro and trial motorcycles, reveling in the challenge and freedom they offer through rugged terrain and open landscapes.

Beyond his professional and adventurous pursuits, Darko is a lifelong learner and innovator, constantly seeking to integrate the latest technological advances into his marine engineering practice. His approach to problem solving is informed by a blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, which he enthusiastically shares with future generations of marine engineers. Darko’s diverse interests and commitments make him a versatile and invaluable asset to our team, embodying the spirit of exploration and excellence that defines our mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide technical services to captains and senior crews, including on board inspections and the preparation of complete refit lists and technical specifications as required.

We have offices in Barcelona and Dubrovnik, but we are just a phone call or flight away.

We primarily support captains and senior crews who require technical support and expertise for their Superyacht.

Our on board inspections involve a thorough assessment of yacht’s systems and equipments to identify any issues or areas for improvement.

A full refit list may be required when significant renovations or upgrades are required to improve the performance or functionality of the yacht.

Yachtech Army has over two decades of experience in the yacht refit sector and uses this extensive experience to deliver a superior service. Our proven track record includes the creation and execution of over 4,000 technical refit specifications, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

We excel at delivering superior service by combining our expertise in both on board yachting and shipyard refits to ensure our customers receive comprehensive and specialised support.

We operate a transparent pricing model based on the complexity of your project wish list and we provide clear cost estimates up front, enabling our clients to make informed decisions about their yacht refit endeavours.

We implement a comprehensive risk assessment process that ensures a realistic budget is presented from the outset. This process helps to safeguard against additional financial demands on the yacht owner and minimises the risk of budget overruns.

Yachtech Army offers guidance on a wide range of tasks, including stern extensions, interior remodelling and stabiliser installation, among others, to meet different yacht refit needs.

Yachtech Army streamlines the selection process by providing detailed and comparative analysis of quotes, making it easier for clients to choose the right shipyard or contractor for their next yacht refit project.

Since 2016, Yachtech Army has been focusing on digital innovations in the yachting industry, in particular the digitisation of processes for numerous companies. In addition, since 2020, Yachtech Army has been working on the development of the Yacht Work List software, recognising the needs of the superyacht industry, and today Yachtech Army uses it as a tool.

Yacht Work List software significantly improves the RFQ (Request for Quotation) process by providing an easily shareable format with shipyards and contractors, thereby modernising yacht refit project management solutions and ensuring efficiency and clarity in the organisation and presentation of information.

You can contact us to discuss your yacht refit project and explore how Yachtech Army can provide the expertise and support you need to achieve your goals.

By contracting the services of Yachtech Army, you will have access to the Yacht Work List software free of charge for 3 months from the date of completion of the technical specifications.

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